Friday, June 29, 2012

Gifts from Across the Pond

This post has been a very long time coming. I've been wanting to share what two very special lampwork artists and one amazing bag designer did for my daughter. When Sue from FlamingEck and Laney of Izzybeads learned that my daughter, Annie, had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, they hatched a plan to bring some cheer to her - all the way from the UK! Both Laney and Sue have been my online glassy friends for a while now, and they both live in the UK. Little did I know that they knew each other (small lampwork world), but I eventually figured that out and it made perfect sense that these two smart and funny ladies would be friends. They commissioned Lesley, a bag designer from Scotland (Hand Maiden Scotland - clever name!), to make Annie a special bag for her diabetes supplies. The three of them put together the most wonderful package for Annie, and when she came home from school one day it was waiting for her.

The purse/bag is done in a gorgeous red-white-and-blue paisley pattern, and the lining has little British flags on it - the perfect touch.

Ernie had to check out the packaging, while Annie found more treasures inside the bag.

Here she discovers one of Laney's famous Chook (chicken) beads that's turned into a purse charm. Laney also sent one of her gorgeous flower beads (I don't have a picture because Annie socked it away where I can't find it and she's not home to tell me where it is - but believe me, it's so pretty!).

And here she's admiring Sue's patriotic flower purse charm (she doesn't see pretty flower beads like that around here!). Sue even sent some of her awesome murrini for me!

This is the inside of the bag with Annie's supplies inside. In addition to a zippered pocket on the outside of the purse, Lesley designed it to have a pocket on the inside, which is perfect for her pen. There's even a little matching wallet that holds her pen needles. 

I can't even begin to express how wonderful it was to know that these women, who we have never met, thought of Annie and made these special, thoughtful gifts for her. It means so much. 

Thank you Laney, Sue and Lesley!!!