Monday, April 30, 2012

Murrini Monday - Results

Last week I didn't have much to show for my murrini usage. So I picked out murrini I've been wanting to use and even asked for suggestions on what the heck to do with it. So without further ado, here is the big reveal . . .

The rainbow scribbles murrini from Flaming 'Eck made awesome owl feathers, don't you think?

Super Dog is a big fan of murrini ~ he insisted I use rosebud101's powerful-looking slice on his red cape, and then he rolled over to show it off.

Nikki from NLC Beads suggested I place a flower murrini on a hippo big hole bead, and I had just made the coral hippo when I read her post. He's not a big hole hippo bead, but a hippo nonetheless, and he sure is happy with hist matching flower murrini from Lori and Kim.

to one and all!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Murrini Monday

It's Monday, and you know what that means - time to celebrate murrini! I didn't use a whole lot of murrini last week (shame on me!), so today I picked out some pieces I've been wanting to try. 

On the top left are some red, blue and tan (raku?) murrini made by my friend Mallory of rosebud101. I love the contrast of the colors and the stripes on the outside. I'm thinking they'd make some cool looking owl eyes. Any other ideas?

On the upper right side are three slices of flower murrini from Lori and Kim. They've been sitting near my torch for some time, waiting for me to play with them. Which little critters would like to be adorned with flowers today?

The tiny murrini slices on the bottom are from my friend Sue in the UK. These little rainbow scribbles are packed with color, and I've actually already tried them out on a couple of turtles (awesome!). But today I'm thinking I'll use a few on one bead - maybe as owl feathers? Or rainbow cow spots? Sue makes amazing murrini and she sells out quickly, so keep checking back at Flaming 'Eck so you can grab some!

What will become of these murrini slices? Will they linger at my work station, waiting in murrini limbo? Or will I have an a flawless and productive torch session and bestow them upon eager little critters? Find out next week on As the Murrini Melts.

I welcome any suggestions for these wonderful murrini pieces. Happy Murrini Monday to one and all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Turtle Tuesday

This week I've added a couple newer turtles to my SALE/Turtle Tuesday section - both are marked down to $12 a piece. Here is one of them:

Turquoise scrolls on gray, encased in clear and topped with cobalt spots. The face, feet and tail are aqua and the toes are turquoise. This blue turtle is definitely for someone who loves blue (like me!).

And here is a group shot of all the beads in my SALE section ~ each is marked down to $12!

Happy Turtle Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Turtle Tuesday

It's Turtle Tuesday, so some of the turtles in my Etsy shop are on sale!
For only $12!

I love the colors on this turtle - lapis, pea green and periwinkle. I can't seem to stop using that color combination.

Here's a sweet turtle for your rope chain ~ more pea green and lapis, this time paired with turquoise.

This turtle is still in shades of green and blue, but in more earthy tones. The shell is made from streaky stringer I bought from Avenue Beads and the spots are turquoise and another shade of streaky stringer.

I've noticed a turtle trend in my shop lately - all the turtles are shades of green or blue. I love green and blue glass, obviously. But I need to expand on the turtle colors and give them more variety, don't you think? What color combinations would you suggest?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Murrini Monday ~ From Across the Pond

If you've read my Murrini Monday posts before, you know I'm a huge fan of the murrini from Lori and Kim and rosebud101. Now I've got another murrini artist to show off - Sue from Flaming 'Eck in the UK. I've actually been a huge fan of her murrini for quite some time, but she only recently started selling it in her Etsy shop. So now I can happily pass on her tiny treasures to you. You won't be disappointed!

This set is called Rainbow Scribbles, and this colorful murrini has been flying out of Sue's shop! It's no wonder - look at it! It's so pretty on the bead. I believe there's one listing left of this murrini, so hurry over to get yours! If you miss it, keep checking her shop because she will have more blends coming.

Here is one of my beads showing off one of Sue's murrini creations - a ladybug!

Sue is not just a murrini maker, she makes gorgeous bead sets and focals, too! I especially love her floral beads, like this set called On The Pond. So when you stop by her shop to check out her murrini, be sure to have a look at her beads, too!

Happy Murrini Monday!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Murrini Monday

It's Murrini Monday, and I'm super excited about this first bead, so let's get to it.

For this owl bead, I used several slices of this gorgeous purple murrini from Mallory at rosebud101. There are little lime green sunbursts in the center of each murrini, so I used lime green for the owl, too. Then I added the murrini and melted them in completely - I love the results! It almost looks like a quilt.

Here's an elephant showing off by balancing on a bead while holding onto a larger slice of Lori and Kim murrini.

This sweet pink mouse is holding tight to the red flower she picked from my Lori and Kim murrini nursery. Can you blame her?

Happy Murrini Monday!!!