Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Murrini Monday - on Tuesday (because President's Day has me confused on what day it is)

I haven't been blogging about my love for murrini (not since October of last year!), but that doesn't mean my love has faded. It's still very much alive. I've been making a lot of custom dog beads, which, sadly, don't require murrini. But I've also been asked to make some mini murrini owls (above), and I happily obliged. In fact, I made extras, so some of these will soon be for sale.

This elephant has extremely good taste in murrini. I adore this heart! It's from Lori and Kim (as are the murrini on the owl beads) and the detail and colors just blow me away.

Here is the latest in COE 104 murrini from Lori and Kim - this blend is called pansy garden, and it's filled with pansies (omg the detail!) and other purple and yellow flowers (I spy daffodils and roses!) AND bees! The colors of this blend are wonderful and I believe I'll be owning some soon because it gives me hope that spring is actually around the corner. Find Lori and Kim's awesome murrini blends here.

Happy Murrini Monday to one and all!