Monday, July 27, 2015

Murrini Monday - Down on the Farm

Are these not the cutest murrini pieces you have ever seen??? Cows, pigs, sheep, owls and CHICKENS! Lori and Kim have surpassed the cuteness limit with these little critters. They're wonderful for artists who don't make critter beads because you can attach them to your pretty beads for a whimsical flair. For those of us who do make critter beads (like me!), I could not resist.

 This pug insisted on receiving the first Barn Buddies murrini - he's wearing a pig on his t-shirt. A pug in a pig shirt. I can't wait to figure out how to use the chickens . . .

 In my last murrini order, I could not resist the Cupcakes (who can?), and neither could this little kitty with a sweet tooth. She swiped a cupcake and is not letting go.

The final murrini pack I purchased is called Superstar! And let me tell you, these tiny stars are super! I used my smallest ones on these mini owls.

These beads are not for sale just yet - but they'll be featured in my upcoming Trunk Show at Lampwork Bead Artist Jamboree on Facebook. My show will be Aug. 5-6 -- it's my first trunk show and I'm very excited about it! And nervous, too. To bid on my beads or on other artists' beads at their trunk shows, just request to join the group!

Happy Murrini Monday!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Murrini Monday - Gnome Edition

Once again, it's been too long since I've celebrated Murrini Monday. But let's not dwell on that - let's check out some AWESOME murrini! Murrini that just arrived in my mailbox today! The murrini above is from Lori and Kim (obviously) and it is called Garden Gnome. See the tiny gnomes? I can't wait to share them all with my critters! There are also snails, mushrooms and lots of flowers in this blend. I'm so happy I bought it because now it's sold out. But there are lots of other wonderful murrini packs at Lori and Kim, so be sure and check them out. 

The fact that the Garden Gnome blend is sold out is not surprising to me. I've already figured out where some of it has gone . .

Just look at this amazing bead! Debi Cogwell of Palmtree Queen Glass Beads made it, and it's currently up for auction at Lampwork Bead Market on Facebook. Seriously - look at all of that wonderful murrini beautifully displayed in that bead! Plus there's more on every side! If you want Debi's bead, just ask to join Lampwork Bead Market on Facebook and start bidding. To see more of Debi's awesome beads and creative use of murrini, head to her Facebook Page - Palmtree Queen Lampwork and give it a like - you won't be sorry to see these awesome creations in your feed.

In fact, here's another way Debi uses Lori and Kim murrini:
Owls in a gnarly tree! I swiped this picture a while back, before this bead sold. But she's always adding more hooters in trees, so keep an eye out for those. 

Next week I hope to show where some of my new tiny garden gnomes have made their homes.

Happy Murrini Monday!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Murrini Monday - Thinking about Easter Beads

 This little pug bunny swiped my very last murrini Easter egg - can you blame him? But now I'm left eggless and sad. I'm really hoping Lori and Kim do another Easter egg murrini blend. In the meantime, I'll have some Easter chicks to play with!

When I saw this Peep blend over at Lori and Kim, I knew it had to be mine. My pack (along with a couple others) should be arriving any day now. Then I'll have to decide which lucky critters get a little chick.

Here's some more murrini in action. I received these wonderful rainbow murrini from Julie Bowen of Autochthonous Evolved and I was saving them for just the right critter. This buttercup owl was the perfect spot for these seven colorful murrini - I just love them! This owl has me thinking that Spring could be a possibility.

Happy Murrini Monday!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Murrini Monday - on Tuesday (because President's Day has me confused on what day it is)

I haven't been blogging about my love for murrini (not since October of last year!), but that doesn't mean my love has faded. It's still very much alive. I've been making a lot of custom dog beads, which, sadly, don't require murrini. But I've also been asked to make some mini murrini owls (above), and I happily obliged. In fact, I made extras, so some of these will soon be for sale.

This elephant has extremely good taste in murrini. I adore this heart! It's from Lori and Kim (as are the murrini on the owl beads) and the detail and colors just blow me away.

Here is the latest in COE 104 murrini from Lori and Kim - this blend is called pansy garden, and it's filled with pansies (omg the detail!) and other purple and yellow flowers (I spy daffodils and roses!) AND bees! The colors of this blend are wonderful and I believe I'll be owning some soon because it gives me hope that spring is actually around the corner. Find Lori and Kim's awesome murrini blends here.

Happy Murrini Monday to one and all!