Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can You Smell It? It's Almost Friday

Everyone looks forward to Fridays, right? It's ingrained in our brains. When you're a kid, Friday means the weekend is starting and there's no school for a couple days. When you're all grown up, it usually means the same, but with a couple days off of work. After college, I spent a few years as a stringer for a local newspaper. I worked weekdays and Saturdays, covering school and local events. To supplement my meager earnings, I waited tables at night. For a waitress, weekend nights are the money-making shifts. So I worked every weekend evening - my days off from the restaurant were Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So my whole view of Fridays and the subsequent weekend was turned upside down. While I was waiting on people on Friday nights as they were unwinding from their busy weeks and looking forward to the weekend, I was looking forward to Tuesday. But now that I'm older and have kids in school and a husband who works during the week, I find myself looking forward to Fridays again when we can all be together and live in harmony. Who am I kidding? I love weekdays! Just me and the cats and my torch. And the laundry and making dinner, but that's ok. I can deal with that.

For all of you who are looking forward to Friday, I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop. Just use Coupon Code ALMOSTFRIDAY during checkout, and you'll receive 15% OFF your entire order. Happy Thursday!

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  1. Heheeh...I too like weekdays, the kids are at college and school, the hubby works nights so sleeps during the day, just me, the dogs, the chooks, the elderly mogs and my torch...great minds! Weekends are too busy in this house, kids going here and there, lifts to and fro, piles and piles of washing as they empty their rooms and hubby trying to do all the jobs he has thought about all week, in the space of a couple of hours..fraught isn't the word!