Friday, May 25, 2012

Dinobeadies for Diabetes

Today my daughter's school held its annual end-of-the-year Fun Run. It's a 2-mile run that, truth be told, most of the junior high kids walk. But this was the first year the Fun Run would benefit a charity - and the school chose the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. How cool is that? 
Annie is one of two kids in her school with juvenile diabetes. She was pretty excited that the Fun Run was benefitting the JDRF, and the kids raised over $6,000!

Annie and I had decided a while back that I should make a special bead to benefit the JDRF or another diabetes charity. Annie loved the idea of a "diabetes dinosaur," so she was pushing that idea. I knew that my dinosaur beads usually sat in my shop until they were, well, as old as dinosaurs. So I was hesitant because I wanted to pick a bead that people would actually buy. But Annie insisted, so I went with it. I made mini dino beads, which eventually turned into dinobeadies for diabetes. And whaddya know? They've been selling like crazy! In just over a week, these small but mighty dinosaurs have earned over $300 for the JDRF. I am thrilled! I will keep creating these little guys in every color combination imaginable until there is a cure for diabetes.

Annie picked one out for herself yesterday - it's purple, green and pink and I turned it into a charm.

More dinobeadies can be found here


  1. Great to meet Annie! Congrats on the fun run and dinobeadies being such a success.

  2. sounds like a dinoton of the beadies...

  3. Hi Maybeads, I've been reading your blog for a while and I love how you always have something relevant to say. I added your blog to "my blog list" and I'd love if you'd reciprocate.

    Keep up with the great posts!