Monday, July 23, 2012

Off to Camp

Yesterday we dropped our daughter off at summer camp. She'll be there for just under a week. She was excited and nervous, much like she was last year when she went to overnight camp for the first time. But this year she's at a new camp - a camp for kids with diabetes. And it's right across the lake from the camp she went to last year. It's completely possible for kids with diabetes to attend regular summer camps, but it's a very big challenge. Annie needs to test her blood sugar several times a day and needs to inject herself with the right amount of insulin before every meal. At a camp that isn't geared toward diabetics, it would definitely take time away from the activities, plus it would be tricky to get the dosing accurate. With Annie's diagnosis being so recent, we were not up for those challenges and we didn't want to put that responsibility on the camp. So we signed her up for diabetes camp, which is really just like regular camp - campfires, swimming, sports - only all the kids there have diabetes. Many of the counselors are diabetics, too (including Annie's cousin, who has attended this camp since she was small). This would be Annie's first time hanging out with other kids her age who are diabetics. Instead of being the only kid taking insulin before her meal, she'd be like everyone else. 

We got Annie to her cabin and unpacked a few things, then she gave us each a fist bump (I know, a fist bump!), told us to be on our way and quickly joined the other girls playing cards. I think she'll be ok. :)

But just in case I packed a little surprise - the OctoSqueedle I bought at Raven's Craft Creations. It's the cutest little octopus, and it has a little red spot on one leg as a reminder to test your blood sugar. Annie will love it. :)

Yesterday also happened to be the day former Cubs third basemen Ron Santo was (finally!) inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame. Ron Santo, aside from being an outstanding player and the Cubs' hilarious color commentator in recent years, also had Type 1 diabetes. He played pro ball with diabetes, but it wasn't really known at the time. He has since done so much for the cause and was so determined to help raise funds to find a cure. Santo died before he knew he'd be in the Hall of Fame, but not before doing so much good for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I read that he has raised over $64 million dollars for the JDRF. Awesome. Pretty cool that Annie's first time at diabetes camp coincides with this historic day for Ron Santo.

While Annie's at camp, I plan to make lots of mini Dinobeadies for Diabetes, with proceeds going to the JDRF. I'm hoping to raise over $100 by the time she gets back, so I'd better get torching!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I hope she has a wonderful time and I'm so glad one of my Octosqueedle's gets to go to camp this summer!!! How exciting! They will both have a great time I'm sure. Thanks for including me and my creation in your blog Lauren. :)