Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Looky What I Got!

Don't you just love getting packages in the mail? I know I do! I just got these wonderful feather earrings from Cali at the The Bead Muse. The pictures don't do them justice - they're beautiful and delicate and so so soft. That's because they're made with feathers that Cali hand selects from her own flock of birds. I chose the red and black rooster feathers (on the left) for my chicken-obsessed daughter. She will LOVE them! And she'll flip when she finds out they came from an actual rooster. The other pair is made with pheasant feathers that are a stunning dark green and have wonderful polka-dotted markings on them. They are so unique and I'm so happy I got them. Check out more feather earrings in The Bead Muse's Feather Jewelry section.


  1. The feathers are from two roosters, a ringneck pheasant, and the spotted ones are from GOOFY looking Guinea birds from Africa. Lots of farmers/fowl lovers keep Guineas on their property, because they are great snake killers. :)
    The Bead Muse

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Cali! The combinations of the pheasant feathers and the guinea birds is awesome!

  3. Do they tickle when you wear them? It would be fun to walk around all day with a smile on your face.

  4. I actually don't know, Sharon! I got them for my daughter, so I've never worn them. My youngest has a thing for chickens, so she's going to flip when she gets some real rooster feathers to wear on her birthday. :) Maybe I'll try them on, though - I imagine they would tickle!