Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Road Trip!

My beads are headed on a road trip! They'll be in their first ever bead show on Sunday, August 30, from 10 am to 5 pm. The Second Annual Suburban Bead Show will take place at the Holiday Inn Select Grand Ballroom in Naperville, Illinois. You can find my critter beads at the TLD Design Center table. TLD is where I took my beginner lampworking class and a subsequent class last spring. It's a wonderful place to learn lampwork, and they also offer a wide variety of other art classes - from soap making to weaving.

There should be tons of bead goodies at the show, and I can't wait to have a look around. I've never been to a bead show before, let alone sold my beads in one. I have sold finished pieces and kids stretchy necklaces at holiday bazaars and such, but this will be my first bead show.

Got any advice, suggestions or bead show stories to share?


  1. Congrats on your beads taking a journey to their very first show! Yay for you and your beads :)

  2. How exciting, Lauren!! My first "bead" show (as opposed to art & wine show where I offer finished jewelry) was The ISGB Gathering in Miami this year. It was both terrifying and thrilling to be in a big hotel ballroom with so many others who do the same thing I do.

    It was easier to set up than an art show booth - no canopy, they provide the tables, etc. Do you have risers for your table? That's a key thing for getting your product closer to your customers' eyes. Also, try to keep your display as clutter free as possible, so that your artwork (and only your artwork) is the star. Clutter happens with too many dissimilar or visually complex (e.g. color or form) display props, busy fabrics, etc. I am slowly learning about all of this.

    Good Luck! Your beads are great and I'm sure you'll do well. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday, even though it's my wedding anniversary. :-)

  3. Have fun! That's the most important thing!

  4. Thanks, everyone! I won't actually be manning the table. My beads will be sold through the place I took my class. So I get to go as a customer. :)

    Spent all night pricing beads - ug!