Monday, April 18, 2011

Murrini Monday

I took a couple weeks off from Murrini Mondays, and also from blogging. It wasn't on purpose, it just happened. So let's not waste any more time - let's see some murrini!

I'm having a lot of fun putting murrini on the tops of turtle shells. This one is a really cool piece from lori and kim that I think has silver in it - I love it how it spreads out over the shell. I did not put clear over this murrini.

These mini turtles remind me of candy, like Lori's Candy Jacks beads. I topped each of these murrini slices with clear for a magnifying effect.

Plummi the elephant has found a perfect slice of murrini and she is not letting go. Not even for a peanut.

This murrini works well as decoration on a mushroom.

Dinosaurs like murrini, too! This one is sporting a gorgeous sunny slice to match his sunny personality.

All of the murrini in this week's edition of Murrini Monday is from lori and kim.

Happy Murrini Monday!

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