Monday, May 23, 2011

Murrini Monday

Have you ever seen mushroom murrini? I hadn't - until today. My glassy friend Jo from Dogmaw Glass makes it, along with lots of other designs like flowers, leaves, ladybugs and palm trees (those are super cool!). I'm loving the 'shrooms!
In other murrini news . . .

I recently received a package of murrini from a glassy friend in the UK. She is just starting to make it, and she's finding it quite addictive to make (which is good for me, because I find it very addictive to use). So one batch is a nice bright color combo of green, orange and yellow and I used it to decorate the snail above.

This penguin is sporting a really sweet slice of green murrini with a rubino center - love that!

And there was a pack of purple and blue murrini, too, which I used on the cobalt big hole bead in the above picture. I decorated the amber bead with murrini from the orange, green and yellow mix.

The artist who made this fabulous murrini is not selling it (yet). But she is thinking about it. So hopefully she will eventually and I can post all her information and you can be playing with this fabulous murrini one day, too.

Happy Murrini Monday!
Here are my latest lori and kim murrini inspired critters. A mini owl and a mini penguin.

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  1. Love those penguins and owls! They are super cute!