Monday, February 20, 2012

Murrini Monday ~ just one slice, please

This week it's all about will power. When it comes to murrini, I have practically no will power at all. I want to decorate every bead with all kinds of murrini. Before I torch, I pick out murrini I plan to use and I think about how I'd like to use it. Mostly, I'm thinking about covering a turtle's shell with murrini. But with critter beads, I have to admit, less is more. Let the single slice of murrini shine on its own. So here are a few beads I've made recently, and each one features one special slice of murrini.

When I picked out a red collar for this tough little miniature pinscher, he decided I'd better match it with a pretty slice of daisy murrini for a dog tag. Good choice.

This darling little butterfly murrini has been flitting about in my stash, waiting impatiently for her turn to shine. So when I made this friendly dragon in maroon and pumpkin, the butterfly was perfect choice for a little decoration on his belly. Sweet.

This blue bunny is holding tight to his teal flower murrini. I think he plans on munching on it later, when no one is looking.

Doesn't this murrini just shout happiness? It's so bright and cheery and perfect for spring. It's from Lori and Kim (as is all the other murrini in today's post), and I plan on buying a pack this week. I especially love the yellow daffodils and the little ladybugs. The blues and oranges are just bursting with color, and I'm already forming ideas for each and every one of them. I better just buy it, before they run out. See ya!

Happy Murrini Monday!


  1. LOVE them all. They are just perfect.

  2. I still have some of the murrini you sent me last year. I just love looking at it, it really is bright and cheerful, I must get round to using it though. x