Monday, February 27, 2012

Murrini Monday ~ Suggestion Box

Last week I received my most recent murrini purchase from Lori and Kim. I ordered three packs of murrini, and the Debi's Delight blend (pictured below) was one of them. This one was a no-brainer for me - rainbow borders around smiley faces, peace signs, hearts, checkerboards, skulls . . . SKULLS? That's right, skulls! Aren't they the cutest skulls you've ever seen? Now I need your help - what should I do with the skulls? In other words, what kind of critter would or should wear a skull?

In other very important murrini news, I also received an awesome package of murrini from my friend Mallory of rosebud101. Mallory makes some amazing murrini, and she says she makes it when she's feeling stressed - so making murrini is her way of relieving that stress. By the looks of all the gorgeous murrini she sent me, I'd say she was pretty stressed out (there is a lot!), but now I'm hoping she's doing better. Guess what I'm going to play with today?

There are red roses (love those!) in this mix, plus some really cool pinwheels and starbursts (all technical murrini terms I just made up). I especially love that blue flower towards the top-center of the picture. I'm making special plans for that one. :)

Of course it wouldn't be Murrini Monday without a shot of murrini in action. So here we have three pooches wearing bunny ears, and each one is coveting his own slice of decorated egg-shaped murrini (by Lori and Kim). Hope they can hold onto those until Easter!

Please leave comments about the skull murrini - where should I use that? Also, I'm up for ideas for any of the murrini I post here. Thank! And Happy Murrini Monday!!!!!!!


  1. I think I'd put the skulls on a bat or maybe a dragon. Or how about one of those bad to the "bone" biker dogs. He may have it on his his t-shirt. I'd also bet he was in a fight or two, so he may be wearing an eye patch. I know sweet kitties, like Half Stash, would never fall into a crowd like this. Hope that helps to inspire you! Can't wait to see what you come up with!



  3. Pirates!! You have just gotta make pirate dogs, with eye patches and wooden legs and skull neckties or head bands. Dont forget to make a parrot with a skull tattoo on his wing...ooooo so many ideas, I want to make pirates now!! lol!! you do it, I am away until Monday but will come back and look as soon as I can!! Laney x

  4. skulls would be cute on a spider or a pug!

    I would make a calavera and use them for EYES!

  5. Melissa - oooh, I love the idea of a skull on a dragon. Maybe my dragons would look more fierce if they were carrying around skulls. Putting that on my list. And a biker dog - yes!

    Laney - duh! Of course a pirate dog! Why didn't I think of that???

    Holly - on the backside of a spider - that would be cool!

    Now I'm thinking, from all these ideas, of making a biker pirate pug with a skull tattoo. Too much? Lol.

    Thank you guys! I love these ideas!

    And thanks, Lou!