Monday, April 9, 2012

Murrini Monday ~ From Across the Pond

If you've read my Murrini Monday posts before, you know I'm a huge fan of the murrini from Lori and Kim and rosebud101. Now I've got another murrini artist to show off - Sue from Flaming 'Eck in the UK. I've actually been a huge fan of her murrini for quite some time, but she only recently started selling it in her Etsy shop. So now I can happily pass on her tiny treasures to you. You won't be disappointed!

This set is called Rainbow Scribbles, and this colorful murrini has been flying out of Sue's shop! It's no wonder - look at it! It's so pretty on the bead. I believe there's one listing left of this murrini, so hurry over to get yours! If you miss it, keep checking her shop because she will have more blends coming.

Here is one of my beads showing off one of Sue's murrini creations - a ladybug!

Sue is not just a murrini maker, she makes gorgeous bead sets and focals, too! I especially love her floral beads, like this set called On The Pond. So when you stop by her shop to check out her murrini, be sure to have a look at her beads, too!

Happy Murrini Monday!

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  1. Oh I love Sue's murrini, she did me some blood shot eyes murrini, I loves it :O)

    Love your turtle with the ladybug murrini.

    Laney x