Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Catterday!

This is our living room. You're probably wondering why there is a teepee in our living room. It used to be in our basement for the kids to play in when they were little. It folds up nicely and doesn't take up a whole lot of room unless it's set up. Well, the kids don't use it a whole lot anymore, but Ernie and Bert love it! One of the kids set it up in the living room and the cats play in it all the time.

Ernie (the ginger cat) is obsessed with the teepee. He hides in it and springs out at anyone (dog, cat, person) walking by. I think he meditates in there, too.

If we can't find Ernie, he's usually in the teepee.

This is a classic teepee situation. Ernie "hiding" on the inside while Bert innocently walks by. But I think Bert is catching on. 

Happy Catterday!

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