Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Destination ME - week 2

Last week I announced that I was going to start taking care of ME. I was inspired by Hallie, who writes The Princess and the Pump blog (check out Hallie's latest Destination ME post HERE). My goal last week was to start getting more sleep. I wish I could say that I achieved that goal, but . . . Zzzzzzz. Where was I? Oh yeah, more sleep. I do believe I was asleep before 11pm on two nights, but that's not enough of an improvement. Getting enough sleep is something I've struggled with for a long time. When I used to wait tables, I'd come home at 11pm or midnight (wreaking of pizza, sometimes waking up my husband just because he could smell the sausage and garlic). But I wouldn't go right to sleep - noooo, that was "my time." I'd stay up and watch whatever show I'd recorded and usually nod off around 1am or so. When I left my waitressing job, I could not break that habit of staying up late. I obviously still can't break it. So I'm going to put it on the back burner and try some easier, mini goals this week.

First, I'm going to get outside for a walk every day. And I don't mean taking bead packages down the driveway to the mailbox. I'm talking a walk around the block at the very least. I had my follow-up appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor (lots of hand sanitizer in that office) last week, and he gave me to go ahead to start exercising. Hooray! He also warned me that I'd be winded easily. Boo! But I guess that's to be expected after nearly two months of pneumonia. 

It's been super hot outside, but soon it will be cold and rainy and snowy, so I'm going to take advantage of the nice weather and breath some fresh air. I've already started doing this and let me tell you, it's a mood lifter for sure. I've walked twice with my neighbor/bff, and not only are we getting exercise, we get to catch up with each other and vent - the cheapest therapy.

I walked once by myself, and even ran for a bit (the doctor was right, but winded would be an understatement). When I go by myself, I take my iPod and listen to music. That's my second goal - more music! I tend to listen to talk radio (nothing political or controversial, just good, fun talk) when I'm making dinner or driving. But I'm making an effort to play more tunes in the house or keep my iPod on while I do laundry, etc. It really does keep me moving, sometimes a little faster than usual. :)

For my third mini goal, I'm going to make sure I have breakfast every day. I know all the good things about eating breakfast, yet I tend to get caught up in my day and don't eat until around lunchtime when I'm too hungry to make smart choices. So I've been making green smoothies (they taste much better than they look, trust me!). Today I'm having half a banana, a handful of frozen mixed fruit, a bunch of kale, chia seeds (ch ch ch chia!), a few walnuts, a couple spoonfuls of Vanana yogurt from Trader Joe's, water and ice. Cheers!

Good luck on all the goals you have set for the coming week!

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