Monday, September 16, 2013

Murrini Monday ~ It's Spooktacular!

It's been too long since my last Murrini Monday post, but that doesn't mean I haven't been having fun with murrini. Quite the opposite, in fact! A few weeks ago I received the Monster Mash blend from Lori and Kim and I can't keep the critters away from my stash!

Dragons like to steal murrini in broad daylight. They are that bold. This trio found a Frankenstein head, a zombie head and a candy corn, and they're not letting them go.

These two big hole dragons got ahold of a jack-o-lantern and a bat. They act like they had nothing to do with taking them - they won't make eye contact with me.

This army green dragon picked out one of my largest skulls and then asked me to paint her toenails orange to match the murrini.

This time of year, black cats feel quite deserving of something special like Halloween Murrini. Two of these cats picked out murrini from my stash, but one slinked off with a candy corn in his mouth. 

The gory eyeball murrini is one of my very favorites from this blend. This elephant an pug obviously agreed with me. 

The Monster Mash murrini blend is already sold out, but you can still purchase smaller packs of two varieties, like the Creature Feature blend of black bats and spooky spiders. Funny, none of my critters has swiped a spider murrini yet . . . or maybe I haven't come up with a critter brave enough to stick one to - any ideas? What kind of critter would be able to handle a spider murrini?

Now I'd better start doling out more Halloween murrini to all my critters, because guess what? Lori and Kim have already stocked holiday murrini! Find these wonderful little pieces in the Holiday Shop!



  1. Thank you so much, Lauren! Your beads are incredible!!! I love them all!

  2. Darn it Lauren! Just placed an order....sigh!

  3. Hi, I'm Taffy. I just wanted to stop by and meet you because my momma was just showing me the turtle Twix won from you and the cute little wiener dog you made of Twix. They are one top of Twix's painting and we see them everyday. Well, I don't see them because I'm too short but mom and dad see them and love them.

  4. Oh Lauren - those are wonderful. The pug and the elephant are just my very favorite of all.

  5. I'm Taffy. I just wanted to stop by and meet you because my momma was just showing me the turtle Twix wo