Monday, May 11, 2015

Murrini Monday - Gnome Edition

Once again, it's been too long since I've celebrated Murrini Monday. But let's not dwell on that - let's check out some AWESOME murrini! Murrini that just arrived in my mailbox today! The murrini above is from Lori and Kim (obviously) and it is called Garden Gnome. See the tiny gnomes? I can't wait to share them all with my critters! There are also snails, mushrooms and lots of flowers in this blend. I'm so happy I bought it because now it's sold out. But there are lots of other wonderful murrini packs at Lori and Kim, so be sure and check them out. 

The fact that the Garden Gnome blend is sold out is not surprising to me. I've already figured out where some of it has gone . .

Just look at this amazing bead! Debi Cogwell of Palmtree Queen Glass Beads made it, and it's currently up for auction at Lampwork Bead Market on Facebook. Seriously - look at all of that wonderful murrini beautifully displayed in that bead! Plus there's more on every side! If you want Debi's bead, just ask to join Lampwork Bead Market on Facebook and start bidding. To see more of Debi's awesome beads and creative use of murrini, head to her Facebook Page - Palmtree Queen Lampwork and give it a like - you won't be sorry to see these awesome creations in your feed.

In fact, here's another way Debi uses Lori and Kim murrini:
Owls in a gnarly tree! I swiped this picture a while back, before this bead sold. But she's always adding more hooters in trees, so keep an eye out for those. 

Next week I hope to show where some of my new tiny garden gnomes have made their homes.

Happy Murrini Monday!!!

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  1. You made me smile so big chickie!!! Thanks ever so much for sharing me up!! Big hugs to ya