Monday, July 27, 2015

Murrini Monday - Down on the Farm

Are these not the cutest murrini pieces you have ever seen??? Cows, pigs, sheep, owls and CHICKENS! Lori and Kim have surpassed the cuteness limit with these little critters. They're wonderful for artists who don't make critter beads because you can attach them to your pretty beads for a whimsical flair. For those of us who do make critter beads (like me!), I could not resist.

 This pug insisted on receiving the first Barn Buddies murrini - he's wearing a pig on his t-shirt. A pug in a pig shirt. I can't wait to figure out how to use the chickens . . .

 In my last murrini order, I could not resist the Cupcakes (who can?), and neither could this little kitty with a sweet tooth. She swiped a cupcake and is not letting go.

The final murrini pack I purchased is called Superstar! And let me tell you, these tiny stars are super! I used my smallest ones on these mini owls.

These beads are not for sale just yet - but they'll be featured in my upcoming Trunk Show at Lampwork Bead Artist Jamboree on Facebook. My show will be Aug. 5-6 -- it's my first trunk show and I'm very excited about it! And nervous, too. To bid on my beads or on other artists' beads at their trunk shows, just request to join the group!

Happy Murrini Monday!!!


  1. Your animals are so very cool and the new murrini are a wonderful addition. Love your work!

  2. Your murrini are wonderful. I wanna have them. The pug is my favorite!