Wednesday, November 4, 2009

L@@ky What I Bought

Nope, it's not edible - though it sure looks yummy! It's murrini, which are tiny pieces of glass with intricate little patterns on them. Two of my fellow lampworkers, Lori Peterson and Kimberly Lynn, began making their own murrini and selling it on Etsy. And a few weeks ago I finally succumbed to the little voice that kept telling me to "buy the murrini, buy the murrini." It was as if I'd been hypnotized or something. The only reason I had resisted up until then was because I didn't really know how to use it. I had tried applying murrini to a bead only a couple of times before, and both times were disasters. When I melted the pretty little piece of glass onto my tweezers, I just gave up. But then I found loriandkim on Etsy and I knew I had to give it another go. So floating around my bead box are a few practice turtles that have been decorated with some of Lori and Kim's fun "Whatever Murrini" - a mix of several kinds of murrini found in their shop. And the other day, when I was making a Christmas tree bead, I decided my ornaments just weren't that exciting. So I dipped into my new murrini and decorated my tree in style.

Now Lori and Kim are selling their gorgeous little creations on their own website - loriandkim - and I'm starting to hear that little voice again . . .


  1. I started to "get" murrini after a Kim Fields class. She showed us how to take a piece and make it smaller so that it was perfect for floral centers.

  2. Oh wow! The tree looks fantastic!! I'm so glad you had fun with our murrini. Thank you so much Lauren!

  3. Lauren it's ADORABLE! I'm so glad that you gave it another go!