Friday, November 20, 2009

My Favorite Things ~ Critters!

I didn't mean to love critter beads. I really didn't. I wanted to be a spectacular bead artist who makes gorgeous, wearable art beads. But I got sidetracked. And now I often get sidetracked ogling the works of other critter bead artists. I'm not a stalker. Really. Ok, I probably am. I can't help myself. Here are some of my faves:

1. NLC Beads, aka The Sheep Goddess. Nikki's beads were some of the first critter beads I spied on ebay when I began my lampwork bead obsession. She's known for her adorable sheep beads, but her cats with the perfect little paw pads were what caught my eye.

2. Lori beads ~ I am in love with each and every pooch Lori creates. The detail is absolutely amazing.

3. PaulaNC ~ Paula's dog beads are so darn cute. And I love her other critters, too, especially her cheeky blue parrot.

4. Ankle Biter Beads ~ Deirdre's bug-eyed bugs and flirty fish crack me up every time. Her shop is a riot.

5. Studio Marcy ~ If you're a critter bead fan, I'm guessing you've heard of Studio Marcy and seen her glorious beads. They're whimsical and cheerful and funny. There's a huge variety, too, from hula dancing pandas to well-mannered gnomes.

6. deniseannette ~ I think bird-watchers have their binoculars trained on Denise's shop. Her bird beads are the sweetest I've ever seen. And she does everything from chickens to hummingbirds.

7. glassali ~ The bats and owls in this shop are so charming, and the descriptions are hilarious.

Talk about a day-brightener - one look at the happy faces on these critter beads, and your day will be that much happier.

A host of critter beads from NLC Beads. The poor screaming alien, always afraid of the quarter. For more from NLC Beads, check out her Ebay auctions.

Furry Jack Deluxe Puppy by loribeads on Etsy

Blue Parrot by PaulaNC on Etsy

Santa is a Cheesehead Fan (who knew?) by StudioMarcy on Etsy


  1. Those are all great bead artists, Lauren! You done good! BTW, I love your critter beads, too!

  2. Hey there is only one problem with this blog spot...there is no Maybead critter. ;-)) Thanks Lauren!!

  3. oh so cute...i love 'em critters too...