Sunday, November 29, 2009

Murrini Monday

My new blog feature - Murinni Monday - will last as long as I can think of ways to use murrini in my beads. I'm having so much fun with it, I have to share. All of my murrini comes from Lori and Kim online and on loriandkim on Etsy. If you're a lampwork artist - check them out!

Roscoe the Sheriff Penguin ~ You had to see this one coming. I mean, the little stars were staring at me, daring me to deputize a critter. And crazy-eyed penguin here was the perfect candidate.

Merry Murrini Christmas ~ Look! The Sheriff Roscoe's star is an ornament on the tree!

Morty the Mesmerized Owl ~ Morty's murrini eyes give him a trance-like stare. You are getting sleepy, verrrrrrryyy sleeeepy.


  1. These are all so awesome and creative! That Sheriff Penguin had me rolling on the floor! ;0)

  2. You're getting really good with murrini! Love the little critters!