Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ernie's Winnings

As you know, our kitty Ernie won a contest. His prize package arrived last week, and I don't think he and his buddy, Bert, have calmed down since! After seeing how much fun our kitties are having, you may want to stop by Catnipetc, where Ernie won last month's contest. There's a new "pretty kitty" contest every month, and the kitty cats that are pictured this month are adorable. And if you're on Etsy, just head over to Kittybags for more cat treats.

Ernie is checking it all out.

Of course the box is always a big hit.

Sharing with Bert.

Buzz, our older cat, is getting into the catnip.




Thank you Catnipetc!


  1. Oh was so great to see Bert and Ernie enjoying their goodie box. It was our pleasure to keep the fun going at your home. Thank you for sharing with all of your readers. We hope to see many new Pretty Kitties enter our Free Contest. You never know...One of them might be next months winner!!!

    Dave and the Gang at Kittybags

  2. Hahaha...loves da one of Ernie holding his pressie. I wonders if those hoomans over there woulds accepts me in da contest. I wouldn't haves to tell them I is a doggie and nots a kitteh kat.

  3. I hope you don't have to sign up the kitties for Catnips Anonymous!