Thursday, April 29, 2010

Therapy Thursday ~ Pay it Forward

Giveaway Time!

I've recently had the good fortune of being asked by one of my lampwork friends to try out her murrini and let her know how it turns out on my beads. Of course I said YES! So I've been playing with murrini from Mallory at rosebud101 and having a ton of fun. I report back to her and send pictures of my results. One of my favorite murrinis from Mallory is called Smudges. It's a rainbow blend and it is really fun to use. My daughter thinks it looks like beach balls. It's on one bright and cheery turtle in my shop, and last night I tried it on a pink turtle shell. I like.

And now I want to Pay it Forward in the form of a GIVEAWAY! I'm giving away Ping the Pink turtle, and all you have to do is head to rosebud101 and have a look around. Then come back here and leave a comment about your favorite bead, bead set or lampwork supply (I recommend the murrini and frit blends!) here. Easy as pie.

I've made a few turtle beads with Mallory's murrini, and I've already slated some of them for a special journey to Beads of Courage, which gives beads to children in the hospital after they complete treatments. I know this program means a lot to Mallory - she sends in tons of beads to Beads of Courage. I think some turtles adorned with murrini by Mallory will be a great way to pay it forward.


  1. I really need to thank Twinkie and GABE for letting me find your blog..although I may not comment much, I am sooooo impressed with all the beads you and the artists you recommend create!!

    I really enjoyed all od rosebead's work, but especially like the Butterfly of Blue focal lampwork bead!!

    Beth in Austin

  2. ummm...rosebud not rosebead...bead on the brain here...:-)

  3. What a cutie... the rainbow is really nice on her

  4. Well, I really like smudges and magic - which I've seen on your beads but I think Earth Day looks very intriguing.... I Love the beads she makes too - the blue butterfly wing that has a matte finish is just wonderful - as well as the ocean ones - she's really captured the color and movement in those. I also like her little girls - Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel - so much fun. Where do you gals get all that talent?

  5. Lauren,
    Love your pink murini turtle, and SHAME on you for introducing me to another lampwork artist I'm going to HAVE to have stuff from! I especially love this one of Mallory's beads: this pinky-purpley-shimmery heart just SPEAKS to me, lol! And good on you, for your 'pay it forward' attitude. I love it!

  6. I just love your have opened a whole new world of cool things to me through GABE. I am so glad Puddles won but I have to say, if you were gonna pick a doxie it shoulda been me....BOL! Will you be showing us Puddle as a bead before sending it? I can't wait to see it.
    I love all the items I saw on Mallory's site but I fell in love with the Purple Passion Lampwork bracelet. I really had a hard time choosing one item though.

  7. Love the African Grey and your Cows Lauren! =D) Mx

  8. I really like the smudges and spring mix murrini. Lots of pretty beads on her site too.
    Love the turtle Lauren!

  9. Love your beads! Can't wait to start playing with them! This little guy is awesome!

    In Beads and Happiness,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson

  10. WOW I love the purple passion Lampwork bracelet, what a beautiful work of art!!

    This little turtle is so unique, I love it

  11. Hi Lauren, I love Rosebuds Cinco de Mayo set

    why? cuz it's so dang cute!!

  12. 要愛你的仇敵,為那些逼迫你的人禱告........................................