Monday, April 26, 2010

Murrini Monday

Happy Murrini Monday!
As you can see, I haven't gotten tire of murrini. :)

I LOVE this Smudges rainbow murrini from rosebud101.

More rainbow murrini, this time from Lori and Kim.

I've had to call in the sheriff to control the murrini importing around here. I may have gone over my limit . . . Nah. Murrini star badge by Lori and Kim.

Murrini makes the perfect turtle shells on pandora beads. This is from Lori and Kim.

Reactive glass murrini from rosebud101 - I like!


  1. So cute and clever! You've brightened my day :)

  2. I love Mallory's rainbow murrini. I also like the way you used murrini for a turtle shell.

  3. That penguin sheriff is just so funny - I wouldn't want the get on the wrong side of the law in his town! And the turtles are so cool - what is reactive murrini?

  4. great post...i love the sheriff, he's my fav...