Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Koala Conundrum

My daughter loves koala bears. Can you blame her? They're so cute and cuddly-looking. So, having a mom that's a lampwork critter bead artist, she naturally has asked me to make her a koala bead. But after looking up images of these bears online, I just couldn't figure out how to make their tiny arms and feet. Plus, I wasn't much good at making regular bear beads, so the exotic koala seemed much trickier. I was defeated before I even tried. Great attitude, I know.

Some time went by, and I'm browsing through Etsy and I come upon this Plumpie Koala:

Is that not the cutest koala bear you've ever seen? It's from BirdonWireStudio on Etsy, where there are lots more adorable little needle-felted friends to keep him company. I kept going back to look at the koala, and soon I realized that I was making the koala bead too difficult. It didn't need arms and legs. It could just be the koala head and belly, just like Plumpie.

So here is what I came up with:

And then I couldn't take it anymore, and I purchased a mini needle-felted koala and a panda bear to keep it company. Right now they're hanging out on my computer, but I do plan on giving the koala to one daughter and the panda to the other - just waiting for the right moment.

Aren't they sweet? I love being inspired by other artists in different mediums. Needle-felting is something I had not heard of before Etsy. But Abigail, the artist who made these little darlings, explains the process so well in her Etsy profile.

For more of Abigail's needle-felted creations, head on over to BirdonWireStudio ~ you won't be disappointed!


  1. So adorable!! Great job on the bead!! Love using others for inspiration!!


  2. Wonderful adaptation! Isn't it cool how seeing something can click things right into place?


  3. I'm not sure if you put me onto her shop, but I ordered a plumpie from her a week or so ago - it's a small world sometimes... Very cute koala bead : )

  4. Oh I don't know which I like more the Koala or the Panda! It's neat when you see something like that really makes something click in your mind bead-wise. I think your little blue Koala is adorable!

  5. so.... are you selling the koala anywhere??

  6. I'm sorry, I don't have any koalas in my shop right now. The blue one sold a while back. Hopefully I'll make more soon!