Thursday, June 3, 2010

Play on Words Lampwork Challenge

I was "chatting" with some of my lampwork friends a few weeks ago on Facebook. We were talking about names we give beads. So one of my friends thought it would be fun to give everyone the same name or title for a bead, and then we'd all make the bead how we interpret the word. We started a group on Facebook called Play on Words Lampwork Challenge, and we already have over 100 members! You don't have to be a lampworker to join, so some members are our customers/lampwork enthusiasts. We randomly choose a different word each week for our challenge and we have a thread in our discussions about new ideas for words.

Now I'll get you up to date on what we've been doing. The first word, chosen by Alison of glassali on Etsy, was WHOOSH. By the way, the whole thing was Alison's idea. :)

Whoosh! Was that Super Turtle whizzing by?

The next word was SINISTER (chosen by Katy from Canada). Who is more sinister than Simon Bar Sinister?

Next was TUTTI-FRUTTI (my idea). So I went right to the source of tutti-frutti ice cream - the tutti-frutti cow.

And our most recent word was BREAKFAST. Now here's a well-rounded meal of coffee and a donut.

Our next word is AMUSING, and we're hoping the participants send their amusing beads to Beads of Courage. Wouldn't that be sweet? If you'd like to join the group on Facebook, head over HERE. We'd love to have you! Plus, you can then look at all the wonderful creations the other participants have posted. What I love about this is it's getting us all to stretch our creativity in different directions. I'm having a lot of fun creating, as well as checking out what everyone else comes up with. Join us!


  1. I love this Lauren! So creative and fun.:)

  2. This is such a fun group! I love to see what everyone comes up with. And it may have been my idea, but I never would have seen it come to fruition without you and Nikki! :)

  3. What a great idea!! Love all the interpretations of each word!!!


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