Monday, September 24, 2012

Murrini Monday ~ a healthy dose of vitamin C

Last week I received my first murrini purchase from FritNChips - tiny slices of grapefruit murrini that flew across the pond to be used in my creations. They are so cool and perfectly detailed! I went straight to my torch to play with them. But first, I had to decide which critters deserved this yummy murrini - let me tell you, it wasn't easy. But I think I made some critters very happy.

Of course I had to give a slice to the alligator - he's from Florida where all the juicy citrus fruits are grown. Also, he threatened to bite my finger off if I didn't give him one. So I did. 

Then I caught this kitty cat goofing around with a slice - something my kids do a lot with orange slices. I love how the murrini looks like an orange slice over the white glass.

Next I gave a slice to this little green mouse, who confused it for an aged cheddar. But that's ok - it looks good on her.

There's plenty more fruity murrini over at FritNChips, including lime slices (now my critters will want to do tequila shots!). You can find the grapefruit slices here.

Have your beads gotten their Vitamin C today?
Happy Murrini Monday!