Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Turtle Tuesday ♥ ♥ ♥

That's right, I'm bringing Turtle Tuesdays back. Sneak Peak will move to another day - Sneak Peak Sunday sounds good. :)

So back to turtles . . . turtles are one of my very favorite beads to make. What I love about them is their simplicity. My turtle beads are basically round beads with heads, feet and tails added to them. I love to get creative with the turtle shells, but I also love the simple layered spots on shells. 

Recently I've been experimenting with the sideways swirled hearts on turtle shells. I think the turtles like them, because they're smiling.

 This turtle has a pea green shell with a pink heart outlined in darker green. 

And this turtle's periwinkle shell is decorated with violet hearts outlined in lapis blue.  

I've also been playing around with turtle shell styles for my big hole beads. The shells I used to make were much narrower - now I'm trying a nice round shell and I really like the change.

As usual on Turtle Tuesday, I've put one of my turtle listings on SALE! These turtle triplets have been marked down from $26 to $20 ~ but just for Turtle Tuesday. So don't be a turtle - act fast to grab these mini turtle beads.

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