Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday is on FIRE!

Juicy Candy Orange Dichroic Ice Cube Lampwork Bead

It's FRIDAY! And you know what that means - time to pry into the life of another Fire Diva. On the hot seat today is Jennifer, of GlassAddictions. She might have named her shop after her own glass addiction, but I'm quite confident her gorgeous creations will have you thinking a 12-step program would be the only way to quit looking at her intricate beads. Each one is a work of art in itself. Don't take my word for it - read the interview and have a look!

How did you find your craft, or did it find you?
I was already addicted to everything glass (stained glass and fusing) before I started lampworking. My sister in law was making beads. My other glass buddies were all getting torches. I resisted as long as I could possibly tolerate (about 3 months) and then got a torch. Now I hardly ever do any fusing and haven't made a stained glass panel in about 5 years.

Favorite color glass?
Seriously? I have to pick just one? I guess it would have to be Effetre Dark Silver Plum. However, I don't think I could live without clear, even though it is not a particularly exciting color.

Do you have a nickname?
Jenny, Jen, my Dad calls me Jenny-FUR, I also go by Mom, but periodically I get so sick of hearing "MOM!" that I threaten to change my name to Consuela.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Dark Chocolate

Laundry hamper: full or empty?
well...technically empty. However, that is because 3 out of 4 people don't know what a laundry hamper is and anything that actually makes it into a hamper, the Golden Retriever drags out into the middle of the living room.

What did you have for dinner last night?
This is so embarrassing! It was leftovers. I ate the leftover refried beans, cheese and salsa with Doritos. Super healthy dinner.

Bed: made or unmade?

What’s on your nightstand?
The top layer? Magazines and books. It is piled so high full of stuff there could be all kinds of treasures on that thing.

Last book you read:
The Kalahari Typing School for Men by Alexander McCall Smith

Salad dressing: on the side or mixed in?
on the side

Ever eat Playdoh?
Not that I am aware of

How do you like your eggs?
Scrambled with green peppers, onions, ham, cheddar cheese, garlic powder, rosemary and pepper

Ever have a perm?
yes. The last one was when I was about 20. Then I discovered I have naturally curly hair.

Three favorite condiments?
Chocolate, raspberry sauce, caramel

Deep dish or thin crust?

Least favorite smell?

Can you play an instrument?
not anymore.

Pets' names:
Oscar (mini labradoodle), Nim (short for Cumulonimbus, Golden Retriever), Lucy (cat), Piper (guinea pig), S'more guinea pig), Cookie (sugar glider)

Ever try their (your pets') food?
nope. Unless you count the food they steal off our plates as THEIR food...

Ever broken a bone?
The middle finger of my right hand after getting it caught in the swinging doors when I was at work in the operating room of all places. Having that particular finger splinted was fun....

Do you like guacamole?

Most proud of:
My husband and kids.

Fairy Dust Trail Lampwork Focal Bead

Wrapped Series Lampwork Bead-Blush

Terra Shells and Nuggets

Nightmare Insomnia Series-Reflection Pools

Dichroic and Enamel Lampwork Focal Bead


  1. Thanks Lauren! I loved answering those questions because they made me laugh. I swear, every answer is totally true ;o)

  2. LoL That Nickname MOM is so funny! :) LOVE this interview! Your work is amazing!