Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday is on FIRE!

Boro Lampwork BHB (Big Hole Bead)

This week's featured Fire Diva hails from New York. Lea, of LAJewelryDesigns, has her gorgeous beads in both an Etsy shop and an ArtFire shop. Lovely lentils, amazing big-hole beads for pandora-style chains, stunning bead sets, and now beautiful fish beads grace her shops. So let's get to know a little bit more about Lea . . .

How did you find your craft, or did it find you?
DH & I both have an appreciation for the glass arts. We have a collection of glass sculptures in our house that we've collected over the years. I saw a glass blowing demo years ago by Randy Strong & was mesmorized. I knew I couldn't handle the big stuff, but when a friend asked me to take a lampwork class with her at a local art league, I jumped on it. I fell in love immediately and have not looked back.

Favorite color glass?
Hmmmmm......don't tell anyone, but I've got a stash of Lauscha fuschia I've been hoarding for years. LOVE that color! I find it much easier to work with than Rubino Oro.

Do you have a nickname?
With such a short name, you'd think I wouldn't need a nickname, but I have a few actually, some just different pronunciations of my name: Lay-ah, Lee and Lee Lee.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Can't I have both??

Laundry hamper: full or empty?
Empty right now, but not for long I'm sure.

What did you have for dinner last night?
steak on the bbq, corn on the cob and salad. YUM!

Bed: made or unmade?
made. now for the rest of my house......we won't go there.

What’s on your nightstand?
watch, glasses, telephone

Last book you read:
Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult. I've read all her books. She's from Long Island too.

Salad dressing: on the side or mixed in?
mixed in unless I'm being good. ;)

Ever eat Playdoh?
EW! No!

How do you like your eggs?
sunnyside up or an egg white omelet with mushrooms & onions.

Ever have a perm?
Yes & it was NOT a good look!

Deep dish or thin crust?
Thin crust. yummy!

What’s on your living room wall?
A very uninspiring painting. Thanks for the reminder. :) I have had something in mind that I wanted to make for that wall. It's a cathedral ceiling and the painting on the wall now is way too small. I had gotten a large refrigerator facing from someone on freecycle awhile back. I want to paint it black & then glue on capiz shells in an interesting design. I think it'll be a big improvement.

Least favorite smell?
Rotting garbage.

Can you play an instrument?
Sadly no.

Ever broken a bone?
Yes, both arms, but at different times. I'm not THAT talented!

Do you like guacamole?
Love it! Yummo! My older son loves the guac that I make from scratch.

Most proud of:
My children. I have 2 grown sons, 23 and 27. We had some rocky times, but they've both turned into such fine young men. They both have good jobs (knock wood) and have moved out. That's the sad part. :(

Ibis ~ Lampwork Glass Fish Bead

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