Thursday, October 8, 2009

Therapy Thursday ~ has gone to the dogs

I was at the vet the other day to pick up our cat, and the sign outside the building read "No Psychiatrist Like a Pup Licking Your Face." All you dog lovers out there know this to be true. So if you need a pick-me-up today, be sure to get that good, slobbery kiss from your dog. I'm pretty sure your dog will cooperate. Then check out these fun doggy finds. Happy Thursday!

This photo is called Blue Ribbon for Best Kisser, and it's sold in notecard form at Lindentreephotograph. There are endless photographs and photo cards of the most adorable pooches (and other animals) in this Etsy shop. Go get your doggy fix!

This button speaks for itself - and there are lots more where it came from. Check out thedogcoatlady on Etsy for hundreds (yes, hundreds!) more fun buttons.

This card is by SassySashadoxie on Etsy, and there are two more hilarious "corn dog" cards in the pack.

And don't forget to treat your dog right - how about starting with some yummy, crunchy goodness from Poocheze? Made with all natural ingredients, these Pinwheel Peanut Butter Surprise treats will have your Pooch drooling for more. I'm kind of drooling just looking at them. These tasty treats even come in a stylish and reusable treat bag.


  1. Thank you for featureing our corn dog cards. Sasha, my dachshund, sends doxie kisses to all who need a Pupper Pick Me Up.

  2. I needed a Thursday pick-me-up and this post did it :) Thanks :)

  3. what fun...i love doxies...i grew up with them...we had 4 throughout my childhood...

    thanks for sharing...