Friday, May 7, 2010

Periwinkle Makes Me Happy

I've been hooked on the glass color periwinkle. It's a blue-purple color that just plain makes me happy. It's also the color of my kitchen walls. But from the looks of my Etsy shop, you would think I'd just won the periwinkle glass lottery. Periwinkle is the perfect color for hippo beads and other fun critters, and when you dot it with transparent purple, well, it becomes even more fun! I'm not the only lampworker who enjoys the results of periwinkle. I've found a bunch of gorgeous beads made from this purple-blue glass.

If only owls really did come in periwinkle.

The periwinkle shell on this turtle is the perfect canvas for some pretty murrini. Plus, this turtle has a periwinkle pedicure.

Check out this gorgeous set from fellow Fire Diva AHouston that features periwinkle along with aqua and black - now that's a striking color combination!

SomethingNew4U, another Fire Diva, has turned this periwinkle tab bead into a lush garden.

I think I've found a lampworker who likes periwinkle as much as me! Aside from the center of this gorgeous star bead, periwinkle plays a big role in many of the stunning focals at studiorickrack.

I spy lots of periwinkle at beadygirlbeads. It pops out of her colorful creations, like this Zuma Big Holed Spinner Slider.


  1. Lovely color and awesome beads!

  2. That was very nice of you to include me! I appreciate it :)

  3. oooh, I love periwinkle. Even just the name is fun! And you're right, it IS the perfect color for hippos!