Monday, May 10, 2010

Murrini Monday

My torch time has been limited lately, so receiving murrini in the mail has been like torture! But I've managed to sneak in a few murrini-filled beads with my new stash. Who needs sleep?

This blend of murrini is called Smudges, and it's from rosebud101. It is fabulous to work with, and as my daughter says, it looks like beach balls. I'm a huge fan of rainbow glass (who isn't?), so I've been having tons of fun with Smudges.

I named this pandora-style snake bead Smudge, after the murrini he's sporting.

I spy a beach ball in this sweet penguin's belly - nope! It's more Smudges murrini, and the shy penguin can be found at nlcbeads on Etsy.

This murrini from Lori and Kim is aptly called Jitterbug, and I did my own giddy version of the dance when I opened my pack of it last week.

See how happy Nellie the turtle is with the Jitterbug murrini atop her shell? She's up on her hind legs showing it off.


  1. I've always shied away from murrini, perhaps because I'm not terribly sure I'd use it correctly, but you've convinced me. Or maybe Smudge did. Or Nikki's shy penguin. Or Nellie. Whomever. My next purchase is murrini. And then watch out.

  2. For someone who's torch time has been limited you sure manage to make a bunch of wonderful beads - you can tell you really enjoy making the beads just by looking at the creations you come up with. I look forward to seeing each of your new listings - which seems to be daily! To work so hard at something you love - it must be very rewarding! I love my pink hippo and my happy snoopy bead by the way - my chain gang is getting bigger and bigger! Snoopy is going to be part of something wonderful - but for now he's going to sit at my computer and make me smile! Hey, I have an idea - how about a snoopy pandora bead - yup I think I just HAVE to have one of those on my bracelet!

  3. awesome murrini...torch time...what's that?...i think my torch will die of a lonely flame soon...

  4. Very cute little critters!


  5. Patience is the trick with murrini - heat it, place it, heat slightly and squoosh, heat again, squoosh, etc. Good luck with it, Allison, and thanks for bringing a shy penguin into the spotlight, Lauren!

  6. So glad to see I'm not the only one that acts like a kid on Christmas when I get new beads and supplies in the mail!!! I love it when I get a package and have new stuff to be creative with!!!!!!