Monday, May 17, 2010

Murrini Monday

I've been playing a lot with murrini this last week. Because murrini reacts differently on different colors of glass, sometimes I test out different styles before I make a more intricate bead. So I've started making these little hearts with a single slice of murrini on them. That way I'm not wasting it if it doesn't turn out how I'd hoped, but if it works out, then I have some cute little hearts.

The murrini slices in these heart beads are from Lori and Kim. I topped each one with clear for a magnified effect. The murrini on the right is called Mystery Spot, so that was definitely one I wanted to test out before putting it on a turtle, which I eventually did.

And here's some more Mystery Spot, only this time on a goth turtle.

Veiled rubino is a pink glass that I just got in the mail and was dying to try. So I made this turtle's shell out of it and added a Beach Umbrella murrini (from Lori and Kim) to top it off, then poked it while it was hot and added clear to trap the tiny bubble inside.

This froglet has claimed this murrini-adorned bead for himself. He's become quite attached to it.

You probably know this is a lovebird bead. But just in case you couldn't tell, he's got his heart murrini on to show his lovey doviness.

Happy Murrini Monday!


  1. Very cute! Especially the lovebird!


  2. The colors in froggie and bead are soo pretty. I think you have Murrini success with all of these. Happy creating...

  3. The lovebird is absolutely gorgeous! Loving your work :) xo