Monday, May 24, 2010

Murrini Monday

It's Monday! And you know what that means . . . murrini time!

The thing that's really neat about murrini is that it can be so versatile. Sometimes I want to maintain the shape of the murrini on the bead, and other times I like to let gravity take over. Here are some examples:

The murrini on this turtle is aptly called Smudges, and it's from rosebud101. Each chip is a little rainbow of color. I decided to put it on a yellow turtle shell and let it go wild. Yellow is a runny glass color, so the more I heated the murrini on it, the more it spread out over the yellow - it definitely smudged in a good way!

This kitty is sporting some of rosebud101's Chalcedony murrini. Each one is a little sunburst. I applied the murrini and let it spread on the cat's body, then added a smaller one to the tail and kept the shape a little smaller. I love the effect!

For owl eyes, I like to keep the murrini as close to its original shape as possible. For this owl I chose some autumn murrini from rosebud101. I heated the spot where I wanted to place it, then attached the murrini. Next I heated it slowly, then pressed it in. Looking good!

For obvious reasons, I don't let gravity take over when it comes to heart murrini. This little pink one by Lori and Kim looks like it's been outlined by hand. I love it!

And check this out! It's SpongeBob murrini!!! I can't even imagine how much work goes into making something this detailed. It's absolutely amazing, and you can find it and lots of other SpongeBob characters from Bikini Bottom at The Glass Zone.


  1. i want spongebob murrini...amazing...

  2. They're all cute, but the turtle is my fave!