Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dog Park

Our town has a new dog park. Unfortunately for us, our dog is not a "dog" dog. He loves people and is great with kids, but he was picked on by his pack when he was a pup (before we got him), so he's not too fond of other doggies. This pretty much rules out the new dog park for us. But not for my dog beads!

I'm sure there's lots of frisbee playing at the dog park.

Some dog parks have doggie beaches ~ this fella is ready to make some waves!

Hmmm, the dalmatian might be wishing to be rescued just about now.

The Boston Terrier seems pretty happy at the dog beach.

Is your dog a dog park dog? Tell me what we're missing!


  1. Love the dog beads! My poor pup is a people only dog too. Can be frustrating since I'd love to get a companion for her but can't.

  2. My pups are definitely 'let's go let's go let's go' to the park dogs.

    Let's see... what are you missing:

    There's a lot of ball chasin
    There's a lot of butt sniffin (that bead might prove unsightly ;)
    There's A LOT of drinking water. and A LOT of splashin in the water bucket. and A LOT of runnin around with the water bucket in yer mouth! It's a square bucket(like a wash pan) and they love to splash in it then steal it!)

  3. Lilo loves everyone and everything!! I don't we've gone anywhere that she hasn't made a furry friend. Although she tends to like the big dogs which always worries me a bit!!

    Love the new beads!!

    Jess & Lilo

  4. I'm a little jealous, I admit. I wish Chunky could handle other dogs so we could play at the dog park, too!