Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inspiration . . . at the post office? Seriously?

It used to be I'd head to the post office to mail out beads and wait in the long line for a good 20 minutes, all the while wishing that the lady in front of me would quit cracking her gum and that the guy behind me would stand just a little farther back (I like my space). There was never much to look forward to there. But lately, I've found inspiration at the post office. That's right, I'm inspired by stamps! More specifically, the Animal Rescue Stamps. They've been available for a while now, and I'd see information about them when I was waiting in line. Today I finally acted on my urge to turn some of those cute shelter pets into beads. I came home from the post office and made a couple dogs and a cat, in the likeness of a the pets featured on the stamps.

Do you ever find inspiration in an unexpected place?


  1. Lauren, GREAT job!!! I hate the PO too. I buy tons of stamps and a scale so I rarely have to wait! Good job of finding inspiration.

    I'm planning a blog post soon and my unusual inspiration....

  2. That's so funny Lauren, when I first saw those stamps at the PO I thought of your beads!