Monday, July 26, 2010

Murrini Monday!

Today's edition of Murrini Monday features a couple mini turtles:

And an owl pendant with murrini eyes:

Murrini for the above beads is from loriandkim

My friend Mallory is also a murrini maker, and I own a bunch of her Chalcedony and Smudges murrini blends. One of my favorites in her shop, rosebud101, is her Silvered Ivory Murrini:

Now check out how amazing it looks on one of Nikki's hippo beads:

I love the crackly organic look to this murrini! And guess what? It ships free! So does the hippo!


  1. Love the mini turtles with the Murrini!!! Keep up the outstanding work!!!

  2. Love the animal beads. So cute!


  3. Thank you, Lauren! I appreciate the publicity!
    Glad you like the murrini, too!