Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've Gone Pro

This spaniel pup is wearing his best sweater, and looking for a home.

That's right, I'm a pro. Along with thousands of other artists and suppliers, I've upgraded my ArtFire account to the Pro level. I originally opened my ArtFire shop with the basic free account, and basically I ignored my shop. Now that I've gone Pro, my items will appear higher up in searches and I'll have more freedom on the ArtFire site - I can make Collections (which are similar to Etsy treasuries), have featured items in my shop and even import listings directly from Etsy to my ArtFire shop. It's pretty darn cool. I still have a lot to figure out (like how to get my banner to not look smushed), but I've made good use of the importer tool and brought a lot of my critter beads over to ArtFire. The critters are loving it, because they think they're wizards in Harry Potter books, apparating from shop to shop. And I'm hoping my customers will find my critters over at ArtFire because I've lowered the prices on lots of beads that I've moved there. Most beads in my ArtFire shop are $10 and under! Custom orders will stay the same, but for now there are lots of little glass animals available at very low prices.

This pretty patriotic cow doesn't want to wait until the 4th of July to find a home, so I've mooooved her to ArtFire and marked her price down.

Hoo Who doesn't love an owl bead with murrini eyes? This one is perched happily in my ArtFire shop, showing off not only her flower murrini eyes and silvered ivory belly feathers, but her new and improved price.

This pea green and purple murrini turtle is available only in my ArtFire shop, so don't go looking elsewhere for it.

Another really neat thing about ArtFire is that you don't have to be a member to make purchases there. Isn't that nice? I've put my ArtFire "Rapid Cart" back up on my blog, so my listings will not only randomly appear here, but they can be purchased by clicking on them in the Rapid Cart.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you over at ArtFire!