Sunday, October 24, 2010


Lorenzo the Lapis Blue Dog is now only $8.40

I've just added a bunch of beads to my SALE section on Etsy. I plan on making holiday beads soon, and I want to clear out some beads that have been loitering in my bead box for a while now. So I've marked down over 20 beads - 30% off! I used this really cool new website/tool called Etsy On Sale, which allowed me to mark down all the items I wanted to at once. Of course, I managed to mess that up by adding a couple items to my sale section after I had scheduled my sale on Etsy On Sale, so there are 2 or 3 beads that I marked down myself. But it's really an easy way to have a sale. These beads will be marked down until next Sunday, Oct. 31.

Ghost and Bat Pair - Marked down to $10.50!

Shem the Shard Owl is now only $11.20!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lauren, those are sure cute critters!

  2. Wow, great job Lauren! What a good sale, I hope lots of your animals find good homes :)