Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Bunnies, to me, have always fallen into the same category as monkeys. I'm talking glass monkeys. There is just an unspoken truth that monkeys are not a critter I can make. I even proved it to myself once by trying. Ug. I leave the monkeys up to my friend Louise, who gives them personality, style and the best expressions over at Fireseed Glass - they are amazing! If you haven't seen her glass monkeys, you are missing out (so go look!). But I digress . . . bunnies are a close second to monkeys when it comes to making them out of glass. I've tried them at different times in the past, and they just turn out ok. They wind up looking too much like cats with long ears. So I went with something simpler, like this pink Peep-inspired bunny:

It's simple and cute, and reminds me of delicious marshmallow treats, but it's lacking personality. I guess it would be hard to eat a marshmallow bunny if it was filled with personality, so that's likely why Peeps have such simple features. So now with Easter on the horizon, I've been wanting to try bunnies again. Real (ok, my version of real) bunnies. So the other night I made this guy:

I showed it to my husband and he looked at it for longer than I thought it would take to figure out it's a bunny. He turned it over and looked at it from different angles, then said something like, "Bunny? Or cat with long ears?" Really? I got a much better reaction from my girls, who are suckers for large puppy-dog eyes. So I was a little encouraged, and decided to make a bunny sitting up:

I was pretty pleased with how Marshmallow turned out, so I decided to add more detail with my next bunny. I had some murrini (now that's an understatement!) that had always reminded me of Easter eggs, so I found it and gave it to this blue bunny:

He's got a pretty tight grip on it, so I had to find more for my other bunnies:

Wait a second, you're not a bunny! Too late, the Pug bunny is not letting go of that murrini egg.

Now that's just great, first the Pug bunny, and now ninja bunny has crept into my murrini stash and grabbed one of my last egg-shapped murrini.

I figured that would be the end of my "bunnies holding Easter eggs" series, but how wrong I was! I popped on over to Lori and Kim yesterday and lo and behold . . . an entire blend of decorated egg murrini!

Egg Hunt was just what I was hunting for. Now all my bunnies, and bunny impostors, will get an egg.


  1. Love the bunny eared animals holding eggs! Adorable!

  2. OMP!!!! So adorable!!! The bunnies are so cute and the pug bunny is so precious!!! Great job!!



  3. Love, love, love them all! I could tell they were bunnies, even that little pug!