Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giveaway WINNER!

I picked the winner the old fashioned way - I wrote down all the entry names and had this random lady (pictured below) pick one.

Wow, she has man hands. Who knew?

Anyway, the winner is nomadcraftsetc! Nomad Crafts Etc is actually a lampwork business run by a husband and wife. I already follow them on Facebook, and you can too at Nomad Crafts Etc. They do a really wide variety of lampwork - from pipes to big hole beads to marbles (check them out!). I will be contacting you soon for your info, Nomad Crafts! Thanks so much to everyone who commented!


  1. I demand a recount! That random lady/name picker (who doesn't actually have "man hands") didn't know what she was doing. I'd like to be gracious about this whole thing, I just can't. Now I'm going to go follow Nomad Crafts Etc. on FB. :)

  2. WOW! I am thrilled! Thank you so much! He is all mine and I will call him squishy! Or maybe stinky-haven't decided yet! I can't wait to get him home!

    (and thanks for the follow Alison!)

  3. Congratulations!! Enjoy him, he is very cool.