Monday, March 7, 2011

Murrini Monday ~ Guest Edition

I've been having a lot of fun using murrini on mini turtles. This set features all rainbow-colored murrini, and I think each one is from a different blend from Lori and Kim. So as you can see, I seek out those brightly colored blends.

I don't have any more new murrini beads to show, so I'm trolling Etsy for some murrini goodies today.
Nikki's fat cat caught my eye right away at nlcbeads. He's sporting some Triton and white murrini from rosebud101, and the rainbow effect is so cool! I think I might have some of that murrini in my stash, and I'm going to have to play with it today.

Muppet Murrini! I can tell you how to get to Sesame Street - via theglasszone. Aren't these fantastic? The detail is amazing and the likeness to my favorite monsters is spot on. So darn cute! And the creativity doesn't stop at muppets - this shop has everything from tropical fish murrini to Frankenstein heads murrini, plus lots of your favorite tv and video game-inspired characters.

Check out this beauty I found in my friend Ema's new Etsy shop, EmaKDesigns. Kalypso Pearls Under the Sea has so many gorgeous elements, and right there in the center is a lovely slice of murrini. Ahhh . . . love it. Ema isn't new to Etsy, she just started a new shop called EmaKDesigns. You'll find her signature focals there, including her beautiful tree beads, and several decorated with murrini.

Happy Murrini Monday!!!


  1. Great finds, Lauren! I love your turtles!

  2. Thank you Lauren. I used some of Lori and Kim's murrini, I love finding homes on a bead for their beautiful murrrini. Those Muppet pieces are UNBELIEVABLE!!! I love them.

  3. All gorgeous, sooo cute mini turtles and I just love that rosebud murrini..... beautiful effect indeed!