Monday, June 20, 2011

Murrini Monday ~ I ♥ Murrini!

This delicious focal called Pull Here was made by Lori of loribeads. Lori is the other half of Lori and Kim, my murrini dealers. Do you see what she's done? She used two pieces of murrini and dragged them down to form a heart shape. Why didn't I think of that? It's beautiful and unique, like everything Lori does. Be sure to check out her shop - she's got a bunch more murrini focal beads and a coupon code posted at the top.

Lara of Lutrick shows her love of murrini in almost the same way as Lori. She took single slices of rainbow murrini and dragged them into hearts. This takes patience and skills, but check out the beautiful results! A Rainbow Heart Retro bead set. Happy Happy!

I guess I took the easy way out and used a piece of murrini with a perfect little heart in it to adorn Othello the Owl. No reworking the murrini here - just heating and placing it on Othello's chest, opposite where his heart would actually be.

Happy Murrini Monday!


  1. Thank you so much Lauren! What a wonderful suprise to wake up to this morning! You're just the best!

  2. Great beads everyone. I did use LoriandKim murrini in these beads. The little heart were harder to do than I expected.