Friday, June 3, 2011


A few things that crossed my mind or happened this week . . .

~ I put the winter coats away. I can't remember ever packing up the heavy coats and boots in June, but I was afraid to do it sooner, because, you know, that would mean there would be a blizzard.

~ Gardening in low rise jeans = bad idea. Sorry neighbors.

~ The smell of my own burning skin is just not something I'd like to smell again. Or feel. Ouch.

~ My 7-year-old daughter didn't win the raffle for the class ant farm, and I'm truly disappointed. She sure wanted those ants. Her birthday is in a couple days . . .

~ The same daughter is calling her drinking straw a proboscis. So she is serious about these bugs.

~ I signed our son up for summer driving lessons yesterday. Wasn't he just playing with Matchbox cars? It goes by so fast.

~ Today is the last full day of school for the kids. I made a bookmark for my daughter's 2nd-grade teacher with animals from two of her favorite units - dinosaurs and penguins. All three of my kids have had this teacher (she is wonderful), and my youngest was born on my son's last day of school with her, almost 8 years ago.

~ This summer, I'm planning on being a tourist in Chicago. I want to take the kids on the train to the city, and I have a short list of places I'd love to go: The Shedd Aquarium for the JellyFish Exhibit, Lincoln Park Zoo (always a favorite) and China Town.

~ I'm getting our pool passes today. Is there still time to drop 10 pounds? Yeah, that's what I thought. :P

Happy Friday!


  1. JellyFish Exhibit...oh WOW...take lots of photos. Chicago, the windy day I will cross that big pond. You can't have a learner driving license here until you turn 17, not sure I am ready now for my son to take his test - again!! - but 15?? wow thats young, but then our roads are soooo congested I think they might have to raise the age limit soon, most of our motorways are car parks! Can't believe you are finished for the summer, we don't finish for another 4-6 weeks here. As for burning skin smell...I hear you...a piece of glass, hot glass, stuck to my lip yesterday, its soooo sore today, plenty of ice cream I think! x

  2. I want to be a tourist with you! Unfortunately it sounds like my next trip is Vegas... I'll have to learn to love it LOL