Monday, June 13, 2011

Murrini Monday

As promised, I have a Murrini Monday post! It's been a while, so let's get right to it. Murrini for this edition of Murrini Monday is brought to you by Lori and Kim.

Beppe the brown owl is proudly sporting a gorgeous slice of Lori and Kim murrini in earthy tones. Notice the goldstone sparkle? Nice.

Meet Anthony the happy weiner dog. He shows his cheeriness with a smiley face murrini affixed to one side.

This periwinkle owl sees life through orange and purple colored murrini (glasses). When I have two pieces of murrini that are approximately the same size and shape, I can't help but use them for owl eyes.

Pugs for peace. This murrini is from the same blend as the smiley face murrini. I lurve it!

Lori Peterson, half of the Lori and Kim duo that creates the beautiful murrini that I hoard, made these gorgeous murrini-filled Robin Rounds. She combines murrini and twisties and encases the whole lot in clear to make these super-fun glass bead balls. Lori is always coming up with new ways to showcase their murrini, so be sure to keep an eye on loribeads. Lori and Kim are also having a big Summer Sale - so check that out, too, at Lori and Kim.

As you can see, I have quite a bit of murrini. This is almost my entire collection, but there are still a few baggies of goodness that I haven't put into containers yet. I'm really trying to make a dent in it to justify another purchase. Of course, that hasn't stopped me before!

Happy Murrini Monday!


  1. I love your murrini stacks and your glass guards :O) I was using my murrini you sent me yesterday, one piece flew off the bead three times and I chased it under the table each and every time and got it back! It was the rainbow one and I was determined to use it, but I fear the worst for it, so I will just have to keep the Penguin bead that it supports :O)

  2. Oh the weiner dog - and the pugs. My daughter has a one of the new "blended" breeds. It's a cross between a pug and a boston terrier. They call it a "bug". Are you up to a special order? I just have to have a Penny for Peace Bug for her to wear. I'm serious. Contact me and I'll send you pics.