Friday, June 10, 2011


Look at all the orioles that stopped by to feed!!!*

~ Thank you for all the comments on my turtle rings (on a post a while back). I am making one for Dee of Cherry Obsidia, who left the first comment. She lives in the UK, so I get to learn how to convert her size P to a US size. Also, she is a lampworker and jewelry designer, so she will have a nice critical eye. I've made a few turtles and I'm now deciding which one to turn into a ring.

*~ So about a week ago we were at our daughter's softball game and our next door neighbor sent me a text and he was freaking out because there were FIVE Baltimore orioles on our feeder. He said he was running to get his camera. I of course didn't take him seriously because we had yet to attract even one orange bird. He eventually texted back to say they were "impostor" birds LOL. I figured he just didn't know his birds. So about an hour later we get home and my husband walks over to the window where we can see the feeders, and he says something like "I think we got some orioles!" Now we're all excited and running to the window. But after further inspection, we realize they are impostors! Fake birds! We hear laughing coming from the basement steps and our son comes up, laughing his head off. Apparently my dad had been secretly contacting our son to find out when we wouldn't be home (during the softball game, as it turns out) so he could drop off some fake-but-realistic-looking orioles. It was our son's job to position them on the feeders and the fence and in the garden (there was a whole flock!). Very nice. You got us, dad. And you really got our neighbors.

~ Summer tip: While most adults probably prefer to eat watermelon cut into nice little cubes or scooped into neat balls with a melon baller, kids (and kids at heart) much prefer to eat it off the rind. So if you're having a summer barbecue with both kids and adults, I suggest you have two options for eating watermelon and see who picks what.

~ I finally bought Bitter Apple (thank you for the suggestions!) to hopefully deter our cat Bert from chewing on cords. The final straw was when he bit through the mouse cord while my husband was using it. The cord must have been hanging down under computer and all of the sudden it didn't work, so my husband pulls the cord up and it was bitten in half. That cat is very sly.

~ Our poor dog is afraid of thunder. But poor us - we've had thunderstorms the last two nights and he keeps running from one side of our bed to the other, checking to see if anyone will let him in. Usually he sits in the shower to wait them out. I'm now wondering if Thunder Shirts really work - anyone try time on their scared pooches?

~ Now that my kids are out of school for the summer, my torch time has taken a dive. The kids go to bed much later, so I don't really torch after dinner. What I need to do is have some early morning torch sessions, when the house is quiet.

~ I showed no willpower today when I bought whip cream (the kind you spray from a can). It's not for ice cream - I plan on using it on iced coffees (once the temps go back up above 70).

~ I planted green bean seeds in the garden the other day. I also planted Kaleidoscope Mix Carrots - hoping to have purple carrots to show off in a few months. How cool would that be?

~ I will definitely do Murrini Monday this coming Monday. I don't know what my problem is lately - I just haven't been blogging a lot. But I love Murrini Mondays, so if you have any suggestions (beads you've seen that show off murrini), just let me know!

Our daughter turned 8 a few days ago. See that cake? It's a half-sheet cake that feeds about 40 people. We have five people in our family. So we invited the neighbors. That made a total of eight people eating that cake. Five days later and the cake is just about gone. We love cake.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Happy birthday to the big girl!!!!! I love cake, too!!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday Jessie :O) That cake looks fab! Your dad sounds a really fun chap, wish I could have seen everyones faces with the fake birds. When my kids were little they had some glow in the dark spiders, worms etc., and I hate creepy crawlies, give me a mean tiger any day! One night I went to bed, pulled back the covers and shrieked the place down as a glowing spider stared back at me...they thought it was hilarious!!

    I love the thought of the doggy thunder coats, but really?? do they work?? I used a collar on Iz with mummy dog pheromones to calm the nerves, you can get a plug too, it did work for Iz made her less of a wuss when meeting strange dogs (after our old dog died she had a bout of 'unsureness')