Monday, March 12, 2012

Murrini Monday - Early Evening Edition

So the time change messes with me every year, but I can't use that as an excuse to post Murrini Monday so late. Maybe I'm late because it's Monday. Oh wait, Murrini Monday is always on Monday! I think this one just snuck up on me. Let's get to the murrini . . .

I have so much murrini that I'm always brainstorming different ways to use lots of it at once (giving me the much-needed reason to buy more murrini). But with critters, as I've said before, less is usually more. So I gave this pretty yellow owl one very nice slice of blue flower murrini (you know, to match her beak).

Owls are fast becoming one of my favorite critters to adorn with my prized murrini. But the hooters can't have all the fun.

Panda, do you accept this rose? Of course, giggle giggle.

Mini hooters are very fun to decorate with murrini. For the mini beads, I have to search for the smallest murrini slices in a blend. There usually are a few that work well on mini beads. This set was called Peace, Love and Happiness Hooters. They are perky, too.

This edition of Murrini Monday was brought to you by Lori and Kim!!!

Happy Murrini Monday to one and all!


  1. Peace, Love and Happiness Hooters...brilliant :O)

  2. I can't help it, I absolutely love those owls!