Monday, August 2, 2010

Murrini Monday ~ Share the Love

Judging solely by the fact that I have a day on my blog devoted to murrini, you might think I'm a little obsessed with these tiny glass masterpieces. You would be right. But from the looks of my lampworking friends' shops, I know they enjoy it as much as I do. It's a shared love of murrini. Camp song, anyone?

So this week let's see what my murrini users in crime are up to. I know, don't end a sentence with a preposition.

My glassy friend Ema finally caved and purchased her first pack of murrini from lori and kim. From the looks of the gorgeous focal bead below, wouldn't you say it's about time?

This Field of Murrini Poppies bead popped up at emakaye recently, and I can't wait to see what Ema comes up with next!

I can spot lori and kim murrini anywhere.

I found some on this sweet turtle in my friend Eileen's shop. Groovy the Far Out Turtle is sporting some funky murrini, especially on his rear. Head to Dorset Hill Beads to see a shot of his backside.

My glassy friend Lara does some amazing things with murrini.

Chrysanthemum is a small focal bead, and I think it's outta this world! The murrini is from lori and kim, and the fabulous design is by Lutrick.

Ema, Eileen and Lara are all members of the Fire Divas Team on Etsy. Check out our blog ~ Fire Divas ~ lots of glassy goodness there!


  1. Beautiful murrini. It is so much fun to work with. Thanks Lauren. You are a sweetie.

  2. thanks for showing off FAR OUT are a doll lauren...

  3. Ooooh Even more pretties! Thank you so much for Murrini Mondays, Lauren!!!!

  4. Each one different and lovely!